• Love All. Serve All.

    I choose authenticity. I choose vulnerability, but not as a sign of weakness. I choose showing up and playing big. I choose to teach and live yoga every damn day and to love all, serve all.

Where To Find Me


MAY 27th, 28th & 29th, 2016


Find me at MAYfest:

SUP Liquid Yoga & Free Floatin’ SUP Yoga!

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Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

Boga Yoga Team Member

I have been a part of Team BOGA YOGA paddleboards since March of 2014. My journey with BOGA began the summer prior in Colorado after winning Rachel Brathen’s 10 Days of Love contest and being flown to Wanderlust Copper Mountain. I immediately fell in love with SUP Yoga, the team (my ohana) and transition of taking my asana onto still waters.

Boga Boards

Find me at Wanderlust:

SUP Liquid Yoga