Corporate Yoga

I don’t believe in staring at a clock all day waiting for five o’clock, with every cell of your body being drained by the minute. I don’t believe humans are meant to sit in desks for 8 hours or stand 12 hours on their feet. As a full time student and working nurse, I have seen both sides of the spectrum. I don’t believe life ends at the end of your work day, I believe it can only just begin. I believe, the majority of us are only working till five and filling the rest of our day’s hours with the least amount of energy possible. Yoga has the ability to cultivate more energy in order for you to spend more time doing what you truly love.

Everyone, every body, has the potential to attain higher levels of energy after their workday. It is my goal to introduce students to simple movements that will allow for greater results in energy, health, and overall wellness. Whether your company is looking for a physical practice or perhaps a more relaxing time after the day comes to an end, yoga’s benefits are immeasurable and I would love to the one to help.