• Truth Be Told...

    I hated my first yoga class. My hamstrings cried. My hips screamed for help. I felt incredibly defeated and my competitive side bubbled up to a rapid boil. It took me a year to work up the courage to try once more. This time, falling completely in love.

Maybe it was a different voice & atmosphere

  • Or Perhaps...

    My newfound maturity swayed me to realize that I couldn’t just walk in and become the best. That exact notion is what encouraged me to keep showing up- to let go of my false sense of control, to rid my insecurities and manage that incredible college test anxiety that I thought controlled me.

Yoga provided an incredible balance for my studies

  • I Found Peace

    I credit yoga to this day for pushing me through the dark times of my college career. The break ups, the mess ups, the organic chemistry, and then finally being faced with a phone call that forever changed my life.

    The phone call that acknowledged I had lost four cousins in a plane crash.

A phone call that reminded me life can change in an instant.

  • A Phone Call That Reminded Me...

    Life is too short. A phone call that will forever remind me not to take things for granted and not to worry so much about time running out, but rather embrace the time we have. Embrace every single moment, and start living a life of service. A life of love.


Albany NY native Katie Collins journey of yoga began over 4 years ago when she attended one of Wanderlust’s first yoga festivals. It was here that she knew she wanted to start teaching right away. Fast forward two years later, Katie was introduced to SUP yoga through the teachings of Rachel Brathen and Jessica Taylor. Katie is now a 500 hour certified yoga instructor, BOGAYOGA stand up paddleboard instructor and registered nurse. She teaches and shares her passions of strong vinyasa yoga, yoga for athletes, sup yoga and conscious living to the world. Katie completed her 200 hour YTT in the summer of 2013 and her 300 hour YTT in spring 2015 under the guidance of Justin Wolfer and quickly learned what it meant to embrace her practice with mind, body and spirit! Katie’s RN degree with focus on anatomy has allowed her to work privately with many bodies, injuries, and Division One athletes including the Siena Men’s Basketball team and Saint Rose Athletics. Part time mermaid, Katie teaches her SUP liquid yoga across the country and has presented and assisted yoga festivals such as Wanderlust Stratton Vermont and Mayfest, NY. Katie is a firm believer that yoga is to be lived, not just performed. Join Katie in class to learn more about diving deep into a yogic lifestyle, a path that cultivates infinite love and service.