Yoga With KC




Take your gaze from the yoga studio wall

To beautiful blue skies and calm waters. Drift yourself into a floating studio surrounded by the sounds of nature and the smells of fresh mountain air (can life get much better?!). SUP yoga class is designed for all levels, perfect for beginner yogis to advanced practitioners looking to challenge their yoga practice off the mat and on the waters. We begin with an introduction to paddling and board foundation where we emphasize safety and control. We then have a short warm up paddle followed by a blissful asana practice (with proper SUP modifications), and the world’s most restorative savasana! This floating practice is creatively designed to help find a deeper connection with nature while energizing one’s practice through core strength and balance.



Corporate Yoga


© Andrew Zaeh | ZAEH, LLC

I don’t believe in staring at a clock all day

Waiting for five o’clock, with every cell of your body being drained by the minute. I don’t believe humans are meant to sit in desks for 8 hours or stand 12 hours on their feet. As a full time student and working nurse, I have seen both sides of the spectrum. I don’t believe life ends at the end of your work day, I believe it can only just begin. I believe, the majority of us are only working till five and filling the rest of our day’s hours with the least amount of energy possible. Yoga has the ability to cultivate more energy in order for you to spend more time doing what you truly love.

Everyone has the potential to attain higher levels of energy after their workday. It is my goal to introduce students to simple movements that will allow for greater results in energy, health, and overall wellness. Whether your company is looking for a physical practice or perhaps a more relaxing time at the end of the day, yoga’s benefits are immeasurable.



Yoga For Athletes


© Andrew Zaeh | ZAEH, LLC

Yoga is one of the greatest gifts for an athlete

I have been working regularly with college athletes for three years now. UAlbany Lacrosse, Saint Rose Soccer, Saint Rose Baseball and former Siena Basketball star Ryan Rossiter are among the yoga lineup. My goal with athletes is to prevent injury, reduce student athlete stress and welcome breath and mindfulness to their college and or professional careers. I have worked with athletes during season, pre-season and off in order to cultivate a faster recovery rate no matter where they are in their training. My knowledge in specific muscle groups such as those found in the hips, hamstrings, piriformis, shoulder girdle and pelvic floor provide a very refined approach to the time athletes spend with me on their mats. Student athletes also have provided encouraging feedback on my yoga nidra ( guided meditation of the sort) before game days 😉

Yoga enhances concentration through relaxation, the ability to train on a more consistent basis and the encouragement of knowing you are preventing the chances of injury- thus allowing for more time doing what you love!